Our Coffees

Noir – Bobo’s classic cold brew original

Derived from a blend of Central and South American beans that are soaked for no less than 12 hours, the Noir is carefully crafted to deliver the utmost flavor while avoiding acidity and bitterness. Bold yet smooth, with notes of chocolate and stone fruit, The Noir is Bobo’s gold standard blend.

Latte – Bobo’s Noir cold brew coffee fused with top quality milk and cane sugar.

This lively blend combines the exquisite flavor of the Noir with just the right amount of cream and sugar. The sweetness and cream merge with the robust flavoring of the Noir to create a rich, velvety experience that is remarkably gratifying. The Latte is perfect for coffee connoisseurs in search of a creamy sweet touch.

Café Sua – Bobo’s bold take on the Vietnamese custom of coffee with condensed milk. 

Hand-selected beans are brewed for a full 24 hours to extract maximum flavor to compliment the potent punch of the condensed milk. This is not a beverage for the fragile. The rich coffee and sweetness combine to create a harmony that is downright addictive.